naked mole rat

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fetal-looking colonial rodent of East Africa

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Both the hyaluronan discovery and the protein synthesis fidelity discovery caused the prestigious journal Science to name the naked mole rat "Vertebrate of the Year" for 2013.
According to the magazine, one paper explained how a ribosome in naked mole rats "excels at producing error-free proteins," while the other focused on "a supersized version of a complex sugar that.
HMW-HA is recycled slowly by naked mole rats, which allows for the chemical to build up in naked mole rat tissue.
Early studies show the naked mole rat may be able to produce cells with anti-tumour capabilities.
Cancer is the cause of death in nearly all laboratory mice that die naturally, but cancer has never been observed in a naked mole rat.
He said that the experiments showed that when HMM-HA was removed from naked mole rat cells, they became susceptible to tumors and lost their contact inhibition.
Dr Joao Pedro Magalhaes, from the Institute of Integrative Biology, said: "The naked mole rat has fascinated scientists for many years but it wasn't until a few years ago that we discovered that it could live for such a long period of time.
Little bigger than an ordinary mouse - which normally lives for around four years - the naked mole rat buries itself away in its desert burrows for up to an astonishing three decades, with scientists reckoning it can produce cells bearing anti-tumour capabilities.
It was a naked mole rat toy," said Kristina, as if it was the most ordinary thing in the world.
FREUD: Is that a naked mole rat in your pocket or .
players control Kim, Shego or Rufus the naked mole rat as they traverse the globe to defeat enemies.
The biologists' focus on HMW-HA began after they noticed that a gooey substance in the naked mole rat culture was clogging the vacuum pumps and tubing.
Naked mole rat THIS sabre-toothed sausage is helping scientists in the fight against arthritis, pain, ageing and cancer.
Other entries include the bull terrier, naked mole rat, and sea cucumber.
It's as if, in the naked mole rat, acid is acting like a local anesthetic," Lewin says.