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bulbous autumn-flowering herb with white, purple or lavender-and-white flowers

amaryllis of South Africa often cultivated for its fragrant white or rose flowers

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Tonia's Story (acrylic on canvas) has to do with the issue of body shaming, as the painting depicts a naked lady, though with the right shape, but with big breasts.
One of our pilots asked Jacksonville Center (JAX) for direct to Naked Lady Ranch.
Adele's reference to Rihanna came in the wake of reports that she had received a cake in the shape of a naked lady from the singer.
The following day, the city's famous naked lady will be the star of Coventry's Godiva Carnival and will then journey from Coventry to London to celebrate the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
It's a dinky little picture of a naked lady reclining.
As Mazeppa, Menken was strapped to the side of a galloping horse while wearing nothing but a body stocking, which earned her the nickname "The Naked Lady."
It's also worth noting that the symbol of Cyprus itself is a naked lady emerging from the waves, sans beer of course.
- Linda Cosgrove, Hamilton I loved the line from Charlie Sheen's ex-wife Denise Richards explaining how she told their kids about how he was arrested after rampaging around a hotel suite while a naked lady was locked in the bathroom screaming.
"This naked lady stuff is just something for these guys to get some attention with," said Pugh.
His neighbor is a sculptor who carves huge natural objects like birds and vegetables as well as the title's "naked lady." The telling is unsentimental, clear in supplying local details and honest in its youthful viewpoint.
I didn't read much of it (well, I did note he had the undying support of a Bare Naked Lady), but his e-mail missives certainly did seem vigorous and efficient.
Circus: Naw, a caveman with a can of Krylon painting a naked lady on a cave wall.
A four-hour tour of a smokeless coal factory, a visit to a sewage works and a naked lady who doesn't do the "Full Monty" are among the attractions lined up to lure more tourists to Coventry.
At the weekend, my daughter danced through her first impromptu show for her drama group and you would have thought a motorcycle stunt formation team of naked Lady Gagas was about to take a spin around the performance space (not that I want to give the pop oddity ideas for her next show) given the cameras, phones and tablets that were brandished.
In the legend, what was the name of the man who saw a naked Lady Godiva?