autumn crocus

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bulbous autumn-flowering herb with white, purple or lavender-and-white flowers

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It dawned on me that if looking at naked ladies was all you wanted to do, there was no real need to pay a dancer at all.
LADS' MAG COVERS THE Co-Op just won't stand for any more naked ladies on show on their shelves.
Don't confuse this delicious crocus with colchicums, often called autumn crocus or naked ladies.
David Goodwillie (yet again) - Take That, Allan McGregor - Bare Naked Ladies, Duff & Phelps - Cutting Crew (Tony Fearon, Northern Ireland).
For something a bit different check out Sternbergia lutea, which has golden goblet-shaped flowers and thrives in limy soil and sun and colchicum or naked ladies.
When I was a kid, there was a janitor at our school who was covered in tattoos, and he always had naked ladies and skeletons.
There are beautiful female nudes in art galleries, such as the Lady Lever in Port Sunlight, so why not photos of beautiful naked ladies as long as they are done in the best possible taste?
Val calls for an exercise class at the naked ladies campsite, while Tom Cruise tries to play crazy golf with his bodyguards.
The naked ladies of the Women's Institute did it, breastfeeding mums in Gateshead and nude staff at Ashington's Wansbeck Hospital have also done it.
Every tune is a winner including songs written by Mel herself, there's also a couple of surprises there including Greg Alexander who wrote Lovin Each Day for Ronan and One Week for Bare Naked Ladies.
Naked ladies and abstract ellipses leap in equal measure from rectangle to rectangle--de Kooning was an artist in perpetual motion.
The Pretenders will be keeping the mums and dads happy while the Bare Naked Ladies, I dare say, will help the sale of earplugs from nearby corner shops.
They will be joined by celebrity guests: Bare Naked Ladies, Jason Biggs, Jack Black, Michelle Branch, Janet Brandt, Drew Carey, Stephen Collins, Billy Crystal, Jamie Lee Curtis, Catherine Dent, Brendan Fraser, Stephen Gyllenhaal, Scott Hamilton, Tom and Rita Hanks, Scarlett Johansson, Christine Lahti, Camryn Manheim, Dennis Miller, Joni Mitchell, Chris Moynihan, Tommy Schlamme, Martin Short and Steve Valentine.
He was approached by a nine-year-old girl asking why he was looking at pictures of naked ladies.
There were a few naked ladies at my beauty desk last week but don't get excited girls, I've not had a change of heart - I was roadtesting these make-up removers in the office.