naked eye

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the eye unaided by any optical instrument that alters the power of vision or alters the apparent size or distance of objects

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They are exceedingly minute, and quite invisible to the naked eye, only covering a space equal to the square of the thousandth of an inch.
On their skin you cannot even distinguish the circulating veins with the naked eye. Certainly, certainly, not a light spot will disfigure the tulip which I have called into existence.
The view from the narrow ledge was magnificent; from it vessels seeming like the tiniest little toy boats were turned into noble ships by the telescopes, and other vessels that were fifty miles away and even sixty, they said, and invisible to the naked eye, could be clearly distinguished through those same telescopes.
He now took the stick from my hands and examined it for a few minutes with his naked eyes. Then with an expression of interest he laid down his cigarette, and carrying the cane to the window, he looked over it again with a convex lens.
He balanced the watch in his hand, gazed hard at the dial, opened the back, and examined the works, first with his naked eyes and then with a powerful convex lens.
After its own break from the limelight of "Naked Eye," Luscious Jackson has also bounced back, with Electric Honey now in stores and a sweaty summer jumping with live dates.
The human body is made of 10,000 trillion cells, most of which are too small to see with the naked eye.
Adel Al Saadoon said the crescent announcing the start of the month of fasting would be visible with naked eye in North African countries, but telescopes would be needed in Kuwait.
Dr Marzouk said Mars could be seen close to Jupiter over the eastern horizon of the Qatar sky with the naked eye, from the rising time of Jupiter until sunrise time.
We can explore the topic not just mentally indoors but also visually outdoors--where the bright traditional constellations of winter offer some wonderful opportunities to see numerous stars, both with naked eye and optical aid.
There was a half-Moon that night, but two or three days earlier a perceptive observer may have found it possible to see Vesta with the naked eye. At the 2011 opposition in Capricornus Vesta will be even brighter at magnitude 5.7, identical to that of Uranus at opposition on 2010 September 21.
London, May 19 (ANI): 'Genie in a bottle' hitmaker Christina Aguilera has revealed that she finds women 'more attractive to the naked eye'.
The lice, which are visible to the naked eye, attach to fish and draw blood and nutrients.
Though to the naked eye vacancies in this area seem insignificant, there are a number of major sublease opportunities currently available.
The paintings, however neutral, offer a feast for the eyes, with ephemeral reflections and shadows that come and go according to the light--but for the naked eye only, since in reproduction the paintings reveal nothing more than a blank space.