naked as a jaybird

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Zell Miller (ambiguous political orientation-Ga.) said that the sexual degradation at Abu Ghraib was just high school gym stuff: "The two times I think I have been most humiliated in my life was standing in a big room, naked as a jaybird with about 50 others, and they were checking us out.
"In Late Fall" is one brief example: "I get goose bumps / when I see that woman's wide goose down hips; / if she comes any / closer, I /just might sprout wings / and fly south with her / for the winter." Too often, the poet does not resist the pull of cliched phrases--as with "naked as a jaybird" in the poem "Looking at Your Body" or "coming up roses" in the poem "The Glue that Held Everything Together." As the poet states in "Poetry," "No shrinking violet here-- / thank you, / or politely served / gin and tonics on a silver tray; / it should be 100 proof-- / straight, no chaser.