naive realism

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(philosophy) the philosophical doctrine that physical objects continue to exist when not perceived

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These consequences derived from the naive realism bias are linked to the emergence of extremist attitudes and polarization.
This belief that the self accurately perceives reality is defined as naive realism (Keltner & Robinson, 1996; Robinson, Keltner, Ward & Ross, 1995).
There are various metatheoretical approaches which can be grouped in some main categories: naive realism (or empiricism), antirealism (e.g., social constructionism), critical realism, neo-Kantianism, and hermeneutics [10, 38-40].
On the other hand, constructive realism is concerned with reality but not at the expense of neglecting the role of interpretation of the reality as it has been the case in different forms of naive realism such as positivism.
According to the former (which often presupposes a naive realism), our present practices are out of sync with nature, but other non-alienating practices that align with it are possible.
Today, Kiddo is well known for his naive realism oil-paintings.
In a provocative essay, he argues that in order to guard against naive realism and moral righteousness, social justice counselors must more fully articulate their theoretical approach and its implications for therapeutic practice.
One way of contrasting these styles of social understanding with one another and with the versions of naive realism to be found in psychiatry and psychology is to examine their characteristics as bodies of knowledge (in relation to ontology, epistemology, methodology and even political or ethical values).
For Husserl, this is a naive realism, and does not lend due justice to the "I"/ego and to existential man, or explain self-knowledge.
The resulting problem has then always been to explain how we are justified in taking for granted, as we instinctively do in the naive realism of common sense, that these inner mental states or entities represent reliably a correlative real world outside our consciousness.
Baselitz has asserted that he is attempting to reconcile German naive realism, rooted in raw sociohistorical experience, and American Abstract Expressionism, understood as tending toward purity (whatever its evocative power).
Several forms of philosophical realism exist, including scholastic realism, transcendental realism, scientific realism, critical realism, and naive realism. The author of this paper subscribes to a view that may be termed "pragmatic realism." This paper does not, however, contain a detailed philosophical defense for this view.
This study based on theories like procedural justice theory, attribution theory, naive realism cognitive theory, and previous studies on mediation strategies to form hypotheses for future research.
He also slights a form of "naive realism" that envisions oral interviews as a source of unmediated historical facts about the otherwise voiceless majority.