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a genre of art and outdoor constructions made by untrained artists who do not recognize themselves as artists

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Of the 191 naive art paintings at the museum, only two were not damaged and most have smudges on the glass, scratches and residue on the frames, dirt on the velvet matting and mold and insect infestation on the backing tape.
Culam won her first award in Madrid during European Naive Art Exhibition.
As with any naive art, the execution in many ways resembles children's art, in its lack of perspective and simple themes.
There is a mixture of naive art, pop-art, realistic works, and graphics,Eoe1/4A[yen] adds Anna who is on to her eighth exhibition in Oman.
The Compton Verney collection already totals around 130 paintings divided between four seemingly random themes - British Folk Art (the former Andras Kalman Collection of Naive Art, acquired in one go in 1993), Neapolitan Art 1600-1800, Northern European art 1450-1650 and British portraits.
He has a unique way of seeing the average Egyptian, so he chose a kind of naive art form characterized by thick lines and a lack of physical detail.
Among her many fans was Morris Abrams, the late United States Permanent Ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, who was an enthusiastic collector of naive art and had purchased several of her works.
Some of them painted naive art. A few galleries, mostly in major cities, held exhibitions for contemporary artists, and some showed older, traditional artists.
As she demonstrates, the alternative to examining works of literature and art for race, gender, or class content need not be naive art appreciation.
On both sides of the Atlantic, commercial figureheads, cigar-store carvings and showground figures have for far too long been dismissed under the category 'folk-art', giving the impression of an unsophisticated and naive art form.
It's the same thing with his new passion, naive art. When Joey saw pictures of it in Time magazine, we were on a plane and he said, "I am buying that type of art!" He was captivated immediately.
See the paintings of the country's village artists at the Gallery of Naive Art at Cirilometodska 3 (open Tues-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat and Sun to 1pm, entrance pounds 2).
Like naive art, "Orange Love Story" is flawed by conventional standards yet manages to connect on a primary emotional level.
In Australia and New Zealand, such works would also be known as naive art. These artists are untrained, uninfluenced by either contemporary or traditional art forms, and are often unheralded by the established art world of galleries, agents, and museums.
Discuss with students the difference between the academic tradition of painting versus naive art, or art produced by artists who have never received formal training.