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Synonyms for naive

Synonyms for naive

easily imposed on or tricked

a guileless, unsophisticated person


Synonyms for naive

marked by or showing unaffected simplicity and lack of guile or worldly experience

of or created by one without formal training


lacking information or instruction

not initiated

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It flows from the congregation's collective, naive subjectivity.
In the first trial, more naive male and female partners in the placebo group developed symptoms of genital herpes, but the overall efficacy in preventing symptomatic genital herpes was only 25%-38%.
But when it comes to forecasting the magnitude of inflation changes, there may be times, such as after a change in monetary policy regime, when the naive model may do better than the Phillips curve models.
The naive II model seemed to perform better than other techniques in this study.
The naive state potentially has a greater ability to generate different tissue types and could have many uses for regenerative medicin.
In their "Two Flavors of Curry's Paradox," JC Beall and Julien Murzi argue against a wide variety of nonclassical approaches to the semantic paradoxes, contending that, while these approaches might block the paradoxes involving a naive property of truth, they do not provide the materials for solving a paradox involving a naive property of validity.
I think we'd be naive to think that some player, somewhere hasn't accepted that, whether by being forced into that situation by some sort of blackmail, or he has decided that he'll take that risk," he added.
It was claimed the 3-1 scoreline means we were naive because they created an amount of opportunities to win.
Barry Robson, defending, said his client had been naive while dealing with his drug problem, which had led him to be exploited by others.
2001) compare the performance of NIESR output forecasts to a naive forecast that uses a simple rule to predict growth next year.
HIV-infected patients who have previously been antiretroviral treatment naive also appear to suffer no harm from an interruption in treatment.
But there's also something wonderful how naive you were then.
In male naive partners the vaccine had no efficacy, compared with placebo.
And her reflections tend to shed light on several people at once: "There is a type of artist who wants to appear naive - Alfonso Ossorio, for example, or Jean Dubuffet, or even Philip Guston.
June's and Zack's groups have observed that HIV infects naive CD8 cells--those never before exposed to an infection--more efficiently than CD8 cells that have previously been called into action.