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Synonyms for naive

Synonyms for naive

easily imposed on or tricked

a guileless, unsophisticated person


Synonyms for naive

marked by or showing unaffected simplicity and lack of guile or worldly experience

of or created by one without formal training


lacking information or instruction

not initiated

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When Naive Joe's company unfortunately closed its doors, Predatory Corp filed a lawsuit against him to collect outstanding fees for advertising services plus interest, costs, and attorney fees.
In their "Two Flavors of Curry's Paradox," JC Beall and Julien Murzi argue against a wide variety of nonclassical approaches to the semantic paradoxes, contending that, while these approaches might block the paradoxes involving a naive property of truth, they do not provide the materials for solving a paradox involving a naive property of validity.
Abstract # 1970: The Bruton's Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor Ibrutinib (PCI-32765) is Highly Active and Tolerable in Relapsed or Refractory and Treatment Naive Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Patients, Updated Results of a Phase Ib/II Study.
Noting that she was selected best foreign artist again with the votes of visitors during the 40th International Mostra of the Naive Painters in Italy last year, Culam said that she was invited in the same exhibition which would be opened in August this year in Italy.
The second specification forecasts one-year-ahead CPI inflation using a naive specification, in which the forecast over the year ahead is simply the past four-quarter growth rate in the CPI.
Naive New Beaters plus Kid Coda Sounds & Spector.
IN response to Steve Tarbet's letter (March 18) I think he is being too harsh on Sheila Carbis by suggesting she is naive and wrong to ask for repeat referenda.
History has shown that a naive and weak foreign policy has resulted in tragic outcomes for the Jewish people.
It is naive for two simple reasons: First, It will not reduce pollution as no power station in the UK has ever reduced the amount of fuel it burns because of the availability of wind power; Second, it would not be cost effective as its turbine and generator will have to be replaced every 10 years and each set would cost more than 30 years' savings on Parliament's electric meter readings.
I HAVE a naive team, they are naive because we do not have divers, we do not have violent people and we do not have nasty tackles.
Forecast evaluation is best done by comparison with alternatives, which can either be statistically naive alternatives or the output of other forecasting bodies.
Perhaps to recover the family name for bravery, perhaps because he is a naive 15-year-old, Sam forges his grandfather's name on enlistment papers and joins the Confederate Navy, persuading his equally naive friend Albert to come too.
I had six months to make an acting career, which is the most naive thing in the world.
Christians who strive to follow the peacemaking principles of Jesus are often labeled foolishly naive as in Robert Royal's column (NCR, Aug.