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Synonyms for naive

Synonyms for naive

easily imposed on or tricked

a guileless, unsophisticated person


Synonyms for naive

marked by or showing unaffected simplicity and lack of guile or worldly experience

of or created by one without formal training


lacking information or instruction

not initiated

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By week 6, 40% of the refractory patients and 10% of the naive patents had experienced a lesion reduction of at least 50%.
Naive stem cells do not yet have DNA methylation marks that have already committed the cells to certain developmental decisions.
When TAZ is in the nucleus primed stem cells differentiate into more specialized cell types, a response like that of the naive cells.
Caption: FIGURE 2: The ROC of the KNN, SVM, and Naive Bayes compared with the integrated classifiers on ultrasound images.
We used a Poisson regression model with a robust error variance to calculate relative risks of reaching complete immune reconstitution (CD4+ T-cells ≥500 cells/mm [sup]3).[sup][17],[18] In the multivariate Poisson regression model, we entered all factors except for age with a P < 0.20 in univariate analysis, and entered age as a continuous factor, since age might affect naive CD4+ T-cell percentage.
In conclusion, combination therapy of SOF plus RBV for 24 weeks has been shown to yield a high SVR rate in naive patients or previous PegIFN/RBV non-responders with HCV genotype 3 without cirrhosis.
Naive Bayes classifiers are linear classifiers that are known for being simple yet very efficient.
Naive Bayes is a widely used classifier for many classification tasks like Data Mining (Singh, 2014), Classification of Text (Rennie et al., 2003) and Classification of Internet Traffic (Zhang, 2013).
McGovern and our Congress to stop him before his naive foolishness leads to a nuclear Iran and an inevitable nuclear war.
The dispute involved business owner “Naive Joe” and advertising company “Predatory Corp Inc.” Naive Joe enlisted the help of Predatory Corp Inc.
COUNCILLOR Bob Cook states that I am naive for suggesting that the local councils buy Durham Tees Valley Airport back from Peel (18.2.14).
The Naive is made of brass flowers and mahogany from Africa.
Erol Rizaov comments for Utrinski vesnik that we declare elections always when the main leader is very furious but this time 230 million euro and naive players are missing.
AN MP paid Comic Relief PS14,268 yesterday after her "naive" tweet went viral.
22 January 2013 - Paris-based independent record label Naive Records' owner Patrick Zelnik is preparing to submit a bid to acquire the French unit of music and lifestyle retailer Virgin Megastore, daily Les Echos reported, citing Zelnik.