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something resembling the head of a nail that is used as an ornamental device

flattened boss on the end of nail opposite to the point

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To allow direct comparison with the single nail withdrawal tests, testing with the modified apparatus isolated the failure mode of the nails to direct withdrawal through the use of reinforced sheathing that prevented nailhead pull-through.
In order to enable a slight nailhead on both sides of the panel, the practice is to position the stripping squeegees as flat as possible and slightly offset.
All you have to do is fix the strip to the back of your picture and the angled row of spikes will secure it to the wall without leaving an ugly hole or nailhead.
After mistaking a nailhead and a huckleberry for the fly on which he's bent, this hornet finally gets the real thing in its sights:
With embossed leather accents, nailhead trim details, and gunstock rustic oak feet, the Maverick seating group is a novel twist on the casual lifestyle inspired by the haciendas of the Rio Grande and the ranches of America's western frontier.
Cape Verde upholstered dining chair sets a dramatic tone with an upholstered inset back with antique nailhead trim.
signature nailhead "L", this group of casual selections can be worn as undergarments or as statement pieces.
Several of the students assembled the healthy snacks at the Koestlers' distressed plank breakfast table surrounded by distressed wood chairs with nailhead trim.
The new online shop allows visitors to shop by collection, with the Crystal and Nailhead collections featured prominently.
The Millennium zone features high-end furnishings, while the Tuscan zone is filled with Mediterranean pieces - lots of iron accents, amber and burgundy colors and nailhead trim.
The nailhead is flush with the outer surface of the sheathing panel in a properly driven (flush-driven) joint.
Thick glass sits on top and around the table are walnut swivel chairs with red leather seats and nailhead trim.
Featuring comfortable yet supportive pillowtop cushions, durable and handsome leather, intricate nailhead trim accents, and bun feet in a classic gun stock rustic oak finish, the Great Falls seating group exemplifies the collection's rugged and understated beauty.
The Cabana Stripe Drawer Chest features a storage drawer, a white finish and striped fabric detailing with nailhead trim.
Rich mahogany-paneled walls, leather upholstery, brass nailhead trim, sumptuous velvets, and thick, lush inset rugs remind one of a days-gone-by manor home.