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a worker who attaches something by nailing it

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Despite these difficulties, Nailer has a close friendship with his crew boss, Pima, and the other members of the "light crew" who work on the derelict ships.
"We provided underwater nailers for a job on the Aleutian Chain last year," Symonds said.
At $249 plus shipping, the NR-101 costs more than a comparable finishing nailer. But if you've got enough de-nailing to warrant a power tool (and already own a compressor), then the time saved by this machine is worth it.
But after Johnson, 37, said in an interview that Nailer's fictional owner was partly based on a Belfast gangster, his phone rang.
In addition to the increasing number of hoseless finish nailers on the market, during the past few months several companies have joined hoseless pioneer Paslode in offering hoseless framing nailers that are especially convenient for punch-out work and for remodelers.
The story begins in 1996 and involves several residents of a San Francisco apartment building identified in court documents as "the piano player," "the music hater," and "the door nailer."
The Sixty Degree Nailer machine originally cost in excess of [pounds sterling]100,000 but Whirlowdale managed to pick it up at a fraction of the cost in a recent auction.
Stephen Hunter's powerful novels of the Swagger clan, including Vietnam sniper Bob the Nailer and his hardcase father, Earl, have found places both on the New York Times bestsellers' list and in the hearts and bookshelves of gun owners everywhere.
Pneumatic nailer ("nail gun") injuries in Washington State, 1990-1998.
Their product innovations include: ** The first fully automatic pneumatic fastening tool ** The first pneumatic tools capable of driving different sized nails and staples, ** End-loading magazines ** An adjustable depth-of-drive feature ** An EZ Clear feature for clearing jams ** Lubricant-free tools ** A corrosion-resistant finish ** A roofing coil nailer with an exclusive straight-driven system.
Mr Chris Nailer, regional economist in Singapore for The Economist Group, forecast a 12-month period of strong domestic growth in Malaysia, but said the economy "could just come apart following that".
Slip a nailer into either side of hole and nail to the studs.
Next, she painted the existing ceiling dark grey, added 1-by-1 nailer strips to ceiling joists, and then tacked on 1-by-2 pine slats at 1/4-inch intervals, using galvanized finishing nails.