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a brush used to clean a person's fingernails

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None of them had a proper paintbrush - they used a nailbrush.
58 AFTER applying self-tan, always wash hands thoroughly and scrub under fingernails with a nailbrush - orange palms are a dead giveaway.
Scrub the brush clean with a nailbrush and rinse with warm water.
TOP TIP - clean wicker with an old nailbrush and use a toothbrush to get into awkward corners.
Details of the 1993 Food Code handwashing guidelines include the appropriate length of the wash, the appropriate use of the nailbrush, and determination of the appropriate procedure for a given situation (single or double handwashing).
You should wash your hands and scrub with a nailbrush after visiting the bathroom and before.
For first-time visitors to the Gambia I would recommend you take high factor sun-block (the sun is hot and relentless from 7am to 7pm), small gifts for the local children, a sturdy nailbrush for scrubbing your feet clean at the end of each day (Gambia doesn't have pavements, just red sand), a torch - and plenty of film for your camera
REMOVING an ink stain on a white shirt can be made easier by rubbing white toothpaste into the stain using a toothbrush or nailbrush.
Emma also scrubbed under her fingernails with a nailbrush.
The Gardener's Box containing foaming bath, warming oil, handmade soap, nailbrush and hand softener, pounds 26 by Neal's Yard Remedies (0161 831 7875)
Fiona advises: "Keep a nailbrush beside you when you're applying the stuff, or your hands will be browner than the rest of you
As Heather brushed her mousy brown hair with a wooden nailbrush before posing for pictures, her mum Joyce said: "I think it's absolutely brilliant, but although she wants to be an actress, Heather is not one of those kids who would say 'if I don't get the part I will kill myself'.
5 Gently scrub toes and behind the nails with a nailbrush to get rid of dead skin.
Telling him not to eat so much of it would be like trying to paint the Great Wall of China with a nailbrush.
Other figures were the giant morph Gillespie, an old morph Grandmorph, the tin-foil `girl' Delilah and the barking nailbrush Folly.