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a brush used to clean a person's fingernails

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Another child, who has been given a nailbrush, may wish to add a picture of fingernails to the mind map.
It is really important that you all wash your hands thoroughly after going to the bathroom and use a nailbrush.
With respect to the means of handwashing, 8 of 50 respondents (16 percent) used cold water, soap, and a nailbrush; 44 percent used hot water, soap, and a nailbrush; and 40 percent used hot and cold water and soap.
This is nailbrush algae, a kind of seaweed found in the high intertidal zone.
Her requests for fresh towels, scented soap, and a clean nailbrush sent the officers scurrying obediently.
Smith once wrote to me to say, in a characteristically lively manner, that she felt that going through the manuscript was 'the intellectual equivalent of scrubbing floors with a nailbrush'.
Men's shower tidy containing soap, flannel, nailbrush, sponge and pumice stone in a neat metal rack - Body Shop, pounds 12.50.
- P Boyce, Lee, South-East London THE removal of an ink stain on a white shirt can be made easier by rubbing with white toothpaste into the stain using a toothbrush or nailbrush. After leaving for a few minutes, the garment should be rinsed and then washed as normal.
The pack contains herbal soap, organic bath salts, lip balm, frankincense, hand balm and a nailbrush to scrub off all that stubborn soil.
None of them had a proper paintbrush - they used a nailbrush. But I paid them anyway."
58 AFTER applying self-tan, always wash hands thoroughly and scrub under fingernails with a nailbrush - orange palms are a dead giveaway.
Scrub the brush clean with a nailbrush and rinse with warm water.
Instead of using chemical nasties, spritz on straight vodka and leave for 15 minutes before brushing o the dark stains with a nailbrush.
Hydrea Honeycomb sponge pounds 9.99, Facial brush pounds 1.99, Nailbrush pounds 1.49, handmade soap pounds 2.99, loofa pounds 2.99, bath massager pounds 5.99, bamboo storage, from pounds 4.99 all Dunelm Mill (, 0845 165 6565).
TOP TIP - clean wicker with an old nailbrush and use a toothbrush to get into awkward corners.