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(of a situation) characterized by or causing suspense

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This nail-biting survival thriller masterfully sustains tension without getting bogged down in the thorny politics of the era.
It is always incredibly tense and these new twists are going to make it even more nail-biting.
TENSE Margin Call unfolds over 36 nail-biting hours
Towards the end it was nail-biting and when the second place was announced there was a big cheer because we knew we had won.
Nail-biting is the most common of the typical "nervous habits," which include thumbsucking, nose-picking, hairtwisting or pulling, teethgrinding, and picking at skin.
NEWCASTLE keeper Steve Harper stepped out of Shay Given's shadow to ensure a nail-biting 3-1 Premiership victory over Aston Villa.
The nail-biting triumph came one week after the Celts suffered a heartbreaking 38-35 defeat on the game's final play against Canyon of Canyon Country.
Nail-biting can be a "nervous habit," like hair-twirling, or it can be something you do to beat stress.
Should not a comparison and contrast between nail-biting and homosexuality provide an interesting study?
Nail-biting stuff: Victoria Beckham's son Brooklyn has a nibble while watching dad David play
6 Unveiled Nail-biting suspense and spot-on acting marked this harrowing journey of an Iranian lesbian posing as a man in order to gain asylum in Germany.
Huddersfield ru hung on for a nail-biting 10-8 win at Chester.
The detours can be a welcomed rest stop on an adventurous, nail-biting journey, or a slight annoyance, for readers who want to catch their breath from the ever suspenseful life of C.
Saleem Golam shone on Langford in this nail-biting finish, picking up his whip, putting it down when his mount momentarily threatened to hang, and then producing it again late on to see the job through at the main expense of Robert Winston and Frankie Dettori.
It takes nail-biting achievements like Albion's Great Escape to remind us that passion and pride are the true spirits of the game