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a hole left after a nail is removed

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Fill the nail holes with soft putty to match the stain.
The water enters through nail holes and staple holes and sometimes just through the field of the material if you have a poor product.
Table 1 Measured Dimensions and Angles of the Nails and Lag Screws Length of Screw Tip from Nail (cm) Lag (Screw Screw Nail Fully Diameter Lag Screw Offset Nail Hole Nail Inserted) (cm) Angle (a) Angle (b) Diameter (cm) Gamma3 8.
As a result of age and exposure, many nails used to secure the siding to the barracks had corroded, leaving an iron (ferrous oxide) stain in and around each nail hole.
I used to be what was called a 'riveter,' putting in every little screw and nail hole," he recalled.
With the nail out, you can restore the dented wood around the nail hole.
These large, white wooden letters are big, chunky and contemporary and I love the effect of stacking them on a picture rail or mantelpiece, whether using them for initials or to spell names or words; although they can also be hung on the wall using the nail hole on the reverse or they can stand up as they have flat bottoms.
He stood on the cleft of his shoe, then it moved to the first nail hole on the right and then the second," Easterby said.
In reference to the question by Clara Reinecke (Farm Collector, December 2004, page 5) this item is a slate cutter and nail hole punch.
Thread yarn through one drinking straw and then through the nail hole and knot to secure it.
That gives me an accurate cutting mark and only one extra nail hole to fill later.
It is important that the correct size set be used for each size nail to prevent enlarging of a small nail hole by too large a set.
It features a built-in spackling knife, nail hole filler and fast-drying, paintable formula that sands easily for perfect results.
Product lines include Amazing GOOP(R) Adhesives (a product line of 11 adhesives that replaces glues, paste, rubber and contact cement, and silicone), Seal-All(R) (a gas- and oil-resistant adhesive), Famowood(R) (wood filler products), WoodTex(R) synthetic wood, E-6000(R) industrial adhesive, Painter's(R) Nail Hole Filler spackling, and Titan Epoxy Systems.