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succeed in obtaining a position

make final

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intelligence is taking the lead in trying 'to nail down the facts' for the U.S.
"But this season I am looking to push on and try and nail down a spot.
And his ideal position is in the centre of midfield, which will give Di Matteo a problem given that he already has several options both in the attacking third of the field - Graham Dorrans and James Morrison for instance - and in the deeper roles, such as Youssouf Mulumbu and Steven Reid, who has yet to nail down a regular place himself.
Or perhaps it's just a deep-seated desire to nail down those venerable stories of that great-great-great relative who was "full-blooded Indian."
For his props and lighting are slightly too regular, too industrial, lacking in the accompanying spooky figures or creatures that would nail down a vampire or ghost narrative.
Comparing haplotypes in healthy and sick people could help researchers nail down which genes are associated with diseases.
IN-RUNNING NOTES: A really difficult race to nail down, despite the small numbers, and through a process of elimination, Kong could be the one to make the running.
How can such an imprecise hammer be used to nail down this problem?
Throughout his career he has only ever been in the papers for the right reasons, when he couldn't nail down a regular place at Charlton he moved on quietly and efficiently with no fuss, and he has always conducted himself with supreme professionalism.
is continuing to nail down leases for Angel Tips Nail Salon owner-operators in the Tri-State region.
The world's largest electronics makers are working closely with Hollywood's film studios to nail down the standards for the next DVD, but said it will be delayed until the end of the year.
Niigaani Air (an Ojibway word for leading) is working to nail down a proposal to fly regular scheduled service into Manitouwadge, Wawa, Hornepayne and Chapleau, using Sudbury as a turn-around hub.
While she has proclaimed that all minorities in Japan should have equal rights, she has yet to nail down a concrete platform.
Massachusetts Department of Education officials have yet to nail down specific steps needed to transform the program, the first step being from bilingual education to transitional bilingual education.
Since the PPF was put in place, Ginsburg and a coalition of arts organizations that includes Dance/USA hope to work with the INS to nail down concrete processing times for normal applications.