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Synonyms for naiad

Synonyms for naiad

submerged aquatic plant having narrow leaves and small flowers

(Greek mythology) a nymph of lakes and springs and rivers and fountains

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On top of this, the Commission has proposed, alongside Naiades II, extending the possible uses of a reserve fund fed by the sector, namely to stimulate innovation for environmental purposes.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: "Dans un bois solitaire," "Als Luise die Briefe ihres ungetreuen Liebhabers verbrannte," "Abendempfindung an Laura," "Eine kleine deutsche Kantate." Johannes Brahms: "Unbewegte laue Luft," "Ruhe, Sussliebchen, im Schatten," "Von ewiger Liebe." Claude Debussy: Trois chansons de Bilitis: "La flute de Pan," "La chevelure," "Le tombeau des naiades." Harry Thacker Burleigh: "Deep River." Robert Telson: "Calling You" (Baghdad Cafe).
His programme for Huddersfield includes D Buxtehude: Praeludium in G minor, L Vierne: Naiades, and J S Bach: Two Preludes.
Missouri naiades: A Guide to the Mussels of Missouri.
crispata, found in the rivers of Guyana, and both its description and its figure constituted the root for further studies on edentulous naiades, especially in South America and West Africa.
Loin des figures avenantes et gracieuses a la voix charmeuse, telles les Nixes, les Ondines ou les Naiades des sources et des eaux douces, telle encore la petite sirene de Hans Christian Andersen et celle de la majorite des ecrivains grecs (exception faite de Kavvadias) qui la comparent a la Sainte Vierge ainsi qu'on le verra plus loin, les Sirenes de la mer sont en general seductrices et terribles, enchanteresses et dangereuses.
Development of inland waterway transport is a priority in European Union (NAIADES, 2006) because of its advantages: environmentally--friendly, economical and reliable mode of transport.
O fauno chega ate a se enganar, chama-as de cisnes e depois de naiades. As ninfas seriam 'reais' ou criacoes do poeta?.
Communication from the Commission on the Promotion of Inland WaterWay Transport 'NAIADES': An Integrated European Action Programme for Inland WaterWay Transport.
castalides, hamadryas or moides, oreades, naiades, nymphae and dryades, respectively).
Richard Wyatt's Flora and Zephyr smirk with becoming neatness and sweetness, John Gibson's Narcissus (1838) has a prescient period droop, and his Hylas Surprised by the Naiades (Fig.
Inclusive as unicas figuras de contornos humanos--des naiades,/comme des femmes- sao aquaticas.
The naiades or freshwater mussels (Bivalvia: Unionidae) of the Tippecanoe River, Indiana.
Iris calls Mercury's dance of Naiades (water-nymphs) and Hyades (sky-nymphs) a "lifeless dance, which of one sex consists." Mercury responds by adding both male dancers and slapstick: blind Cupids, who collide with the other players, and stiff "Statuas" from the throne of Jove, who, robotlike, cannot keep the measure.
[...] de gigantesques naiades, Comme des femmes, se miraient.