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someone (especially a woman) who annoys people by constantly finding fault

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So just imagine what will happen when three naggers or a thousand or 10,000 naggers roll into town riding their motorcycles to nag President Rodrigo Duterte, the MMDA, Mr.
With this story, women were marked as seducers and naggers and have had that reputation ever since.
Not content with being nature's number one nagger, reports this week suggest that they are also turning nasty.
In Time Magazine, Belden later wrote, "The iron-haired, grim, skeleton-thin Lieutenant General Joseph Stilwell walked into India with a tommy gun on his shoulder at the head of a polyglot party of weary, hungry, sick American, British, and Chinese army officers, some enlisted men, Burmese nurses, Nagger, Chin, and Shan tribesmen and a devil's brew of Indian and Malayan mechanics, railway men, cooks, cipher clerks and the mixed breeds of Southern Asia.
But Scott also owns a tour company that provides package tours to Alaska Airlines customers, a keystone to the Nagger Inn's success.
Profoundly it is an acceptance of Quebec nationalism in a role of pressure group, of nagger of Canada into decentralizing reform.
I, too, shared my story that day about being a nagger. My kind husband would always tell me then, "Shouting is uncivilized." Because of God's grace, I have learned to control my temper and manage my anger issues.
But I was not really passionate enough to be a nagger, so nothing really developed.
In Gilgit Baltistan, 364 mixed ration packs, 410 bags of flour and 125 tents were distributed in Ghizer, Hunza Nagger, Diamer, Gilgit and Skardu.
In fact it infuriates us so much that when confronted with an incessant nagger, we are quick to confront, find fault in their ways or even decide to reduce our interaction with them since their constant lamenting or complaining can be heavy to handle.
He says I nag him WE'VE only been married for two months but my husband says that I am already turning into a 'nagger'.
An official team "nagger" followed up with team members and engineers on their project commitments.