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shrub bearing oval-fruited kumquats

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Nagami, "Inhibition of gentamicin uptake into cultured mouse proximal tubule epithelial cells by L-lysine," The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, vol.
The burial site of Kayasochi Kikawenow was found because the banks of Nagami Bay have been eroding since Southern Indian Lake was flooded for a hydroelectric project in the 1970s.
'Nagami' kumquat, 'Owari' satsuma and 'Meyer' lemon trees may occasionally need to be covered with blankets when temperatures drop below freezing, but winter harvests of homegrown citrus fruits will be worth the trouble.
Masahiro Yanagihara, (1) Takayuki Tsuji, (1) Mohd Zamri Yusop, (1, 2) Masaki Tanemura, (1) Shingo Ono, (1) Tomohito Nagami, (3) Kentaro Fukuda, (3) Toshihisa Suyama, (3) Yuui Yokota, (4) Takayuki Yanagida, (5) and Akira Yoshikawa (4)
Faced by mounting pressures from SMWD and law enforcement authorities, the miners grouped themselves under the Nagkahiusang Gagmay'ng Minero (Nagami) and filed for a 20-hectare Minahang Bayan application to legalize their operations.
(2.) Pande AR, Ando K, Ishikura R, Nagami Y Takada Y, Wada A, Watanabe Y, Miki Y Uchino A, Nakao N.
Berth occupancy was maintained 57% at the Port on day where a total of six ships namely M.V Leo Pard-B, M V Pacific Friend, MV MSC Jade, MV Safmarine Nagami, M T Bunga Angsana, MT AL Soor-II, M V LA Paloma, MV Ataman.
A fim de excluir corpos apoptoticos de linfocitos na avaliacao em questao, levou-se em consideracao as informacoes descritas por Nagami e colaboradores (25), em que corpos apoptoticos de linfocitos apresentam citoplasma basofilico (coloracao azulada), menor tamanho e fragmentos nucleares mais irregulares, enquanto os de neutrofilos possuem citoplasma eosinofilico e sao de tamanho maior.
(18) There is a hill called Benkei-mori in Nagami, Honjo-mura, Yatsukagun.
sarcodactylis (Hoola van Nooten) Swingle], kunquat Nagami [Fortunella margarita (Lour.) Swingle], laranja Cipo [Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck], laranja Imperial (C sinensis), limao Faustrine [Fortunella sp.
Meanwhile, the mystery woman who was with George when he was arrested was identified as Japanese fashion model Wispy Kyoko Nagami, said to be a close pal of the former Culture Club star
Kyoko Nagami, who often dresses in fishnet stockings and a big blonde wig, is described as a "diva groupie".