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Joe is a good example of an artist for whom the inherent Naffness that comes from an X Factor appearance is no problem, in fact it's a positive career asset when you're playing to audiences who like Ovaltine.
It might not be the only threewheeler and the genre might span everything from the naffness of Del Trotter's Robin Reliant to the 60s cool of the Bond Bug but there's no doubting their distinctiveness.
Anything slightly quirky and he's on to it like a flash, detailing a couple of paragraphs under a punning headline, where his background composing press releases for William Hill comes to the fore, never shy of crossing the line into naffness.
Usually ripped into quarters and daubed in hardly legible messages, undoubtedly written with the feet with wellies still pulled on, they're the ultimate in naffness as they flap in the wind.
Old Spice instantly shed its rep for George Lazenby naffness with a hilarious series of ads urging men to ditch the lavender body-rinse and 'Smell Like A Man, Man'.
Design experts have claimed that fake Christmas trees, for decades considered the height of naffness, have now come of age.
But anyone who lived through the shang-a-lang naffness of it all, knows the truth which can't be denied.
There is an air of naffness surrounding the Beach Boys, which is most unfair.
The sheer naffness of its contents and crass business inability of bureaucrats and businessmen who manage it have made the Millennium Dome at Greenwich a laughing stock.
Suffice to say The Hoff, thanks to appearances in movies like Piranha 3DD and Spongebob Squarepants has become quite a natural in sending up himself and that cringemaking naffness something chronic.
But that's just about where the naffness starts and finishes in the Korean firm's latest model - a fine-looking, four-door saloon that could easily be wearing an Audi or BMW badge.
Seeing Moscow deserted in 28 Days Later-style is worth the admission alone despite all of the naffness going on around it.
Somebody who always adores Christmas as it exactly suits his sense of fun, naffness and, let's face it, cheesy music.
Josephine Thompson Fairwater, Cardiff * I WAS just perusing the Christmas TV listings for December 24, 25 and 26 and can only but conclude that every broadcaster has attempted to outdo each other in applied naffness.