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TED AND ALICE (BBC1, 9pm) ALTHOUGH this new comedy drama stars the brilliant Dawn French and the lovely Stephen Tomkinson, you can't help feeling that the storyline has the potential for being naffer than a colourful kipper tie.
And I thought he couldn't get naffer than the Knorr stock cube commercials.
About the only thing naffer would have been if he had sported necklace with his name on it, or possibly an ankle chain.
Also, Bayern's all red strip is far naffer than Liverpool's, so there.
How long before the BBC take up the great man's even naffer vision: Monkey Tennis?
But TV To Die For (C4, last night) was just naff - made naffer by having a dwarf co-presenter.
They don't come much naffer than his own Man O Man (ITV), which invites 10 blokes to make a fool of themselves in front of 400 screaming females.