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But to all you people using small print, I say this: Naff off.
It strikes me that if you're not prepared to do the same, whoever you are, then you should naff off Twitter.
I'm sure Souey learned enough Turkish at Galatasaray to tell Sukur to naff off.
They unveiled a cunning plan for a wonderful future based (not entirely coincidentally, I fear) on Cardiff, Llanelli, Swansea, Newport, Pontypridd and Bridgend and naff off everyone else.
YOU can see devolution is really working when the Executive can tell the Home Secretary to naff off.
The message from punters is crystal clear - naff off with your attempts to weasel more dosh from us and help clean up racing as we know and love it NOW.
At half-time, it was disappointing to see a peeved-looking Dixon still on duty, having reneged on his vow to naff off in his bold Gerrard pre-match statement.
And yes, fans have paid their money so they have every right to get up and naff off whenever they want.
Why don't you just tell them all to naff off, ma'am.