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Table-3: The association of various patient factors with NAFF scores.
Naff: You devote quite a lot of space in your book to making the case for progress, and you identify a trend that you call "progressophobia." Where does the impulse for rejecting the idea of progress stem from, and why is your case for progress correct?
Until now, Schultheiss and Hale (2007) have been the only researchers to examine the relationship between nAff and the spatial orienting of attention toward motive-related incentives.
The Bubbly Mermaid has also found that "rose Champagne sells really well here," concurs Naff. The pretty salmon color of the wines attracts attention and me-too sales.
The festival and NAFF take place in Bucheon, a suburb of Seoul that rarely hosts overnight tourists: Nearly all of its hotels have rooms rented by the hour.
Due to different socialization practices the nPow, nAch, and nAff may differ significantly in males and females.
The girls are desperate for another big hit with I Wish, despite the naff soundalike.
THE impending disappearance of Woolworth's, the great Commercial Temple of Naff since the year dot, is worrying.
CARS of the 1970s and 1980s long considered "naff" are making a comeback, with the Reliant Robin among the most popular, it is revealed today.
Any answer to such an intrusive question will sound irretrievably naff.
Visitors to the libraries are being invited to use free internet access to play their part in tracking down the origins of words and word combinations for the Oxford English Dictionary such as naff, ditsy, dosh and crimble.
Look - it was just a naff tune from a naff period of our history.
Clay Farris Naff edits the 'Contemporary Issues' companion Biological Weapons (0737731834, $23.70), packing in debates on biological weapons in an anthology filled with case studies, statistics and personal accounts.
Not only did he sell his soul to a TV company who managed to conjure up the most uninspiring Saturday night fodder since You Rang M'Lord, but ultimately it's done naff all for his CV.