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having a play of lustrous rainbow colors

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Nacreous clouds fit this description well, as we shall see later.
Look at howthe poem begins: "One word, 'nacreous,' coils in melike a conch, a minaret,/or a question always in the process of beingposed." "Coils in me." And it's there later,too, when I write: "What I hear enters me,/Ravel scored it so/thetremor in voir/ makes me clench my rectum."
The book is rich with both farcical and trenchant episodes, brilliant thumbnail character sketches, nacreous epigrams, and heady bilious torrents of workplace spleen.
The PfBMP-2 gene was expressed strongly in the inner part of the mantle tissue, corresponding to the nacreous aragonite shell layer.
Whitney's bathroom featured an undersea theme, and for her sunken marble tub, he created a "'Jules Verne' nacreous grotto full of fish and marine life." (42)
--Shell larger, depressed turbiniform to ear-shaped, last whorl expanding rapidly and aperture consequently large; interior highly nacreous Granata
(14.) Linton, HR, "Nacreous Pigment Compositions." US Patent 3,087,828.
I watch a couple people read the sign, peekin, then walk around to the small graveyard at the side of the church, where the graves are outlined in abalone shells the size of dinner plates, their nacreous colors catching the afternoon light and throwing it back at the church like incense.
of India's nacreous mystery here, in the ticket queue
Last whorl of the shell largely and broadly expanded with heavy or light rows of nodules, aperture circular, nacreous, operculum is thick and calcareous.
Other species that have nacreous (pearlescent) or homogenous microstructures, are calcite dominant, have variable morphologies (such as sphericity) and/or lower robusticity are likely to be affected taphonomically in different ways (Claassen 1998; Lescinsky et al.
The nacreous interiors of the oyster shells provide a sensual contrast to the juicy flesh of a tangy lemon and the viscous slithering of oyster meat.
The elements in prismatic layer and nacreous layer of Haliotis discus hannai Ino shells were analysed using Energy dispersive spectrometer.
When the reader encounters "Pearl" in a poem, there can be no doubt that Dickinson meant the nacreous object that is produced in an oyster shell, but Holmes's own meaning is unmistakably a memorial to the murdered reporter Daniel Pearl: "One life / would pay- / Pearl- / That / cost / burns." In such moments, Holmes is decisive in turning not from, but within, her source material to the confidence of her own moral, emotional, and poetic authority.
The 856.58-carat (171.3 gram) nacreous baroque pearl sits secured in the antique gold sculptured torso of a centaur, a half-man, half-horse creature of Greek mythology.