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the iridescent internal layer of a mollusk shell

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Predatory pressure increased during the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event, and this correlates with the apparent independent evolution of nacre in many groups of molluscs (Vendrasco et al.
During our stay in Cote de Nacre we felt we experienced the best of both worlds, a relaxing resort holiday, but also an authentic taste of everything French.
Barthelat and his team studied the weak internal boundaries of nacre and recreated it on glass slides using a laser to engrave networks of 3D micro-cracks.
Pearl sac epithelia secrete various shell matrix proteins, which are responsible for secreting nacre and the nacreous layers (Fougerouse et al.
w Hotspots: Normandy's beaches are now populated by families not armies Battleground: D-Day landings at Omaha Beach Splashing time: Pool at Camping la Cote de Nacre Home from home: Bali mobile
VACANSOLEIL: A week's stay in a 3-bedroomed Waikiki mobile home at Camping la Cote de Nacre ranges from pounds 458-pounds 1047 per party.
Nacre thickness: is an averaged measurement in millimeters taken on an individual or multiple pearls.
When Lea Kiddie, 15, learned sections of Anna Sokolow's 1955 masterpiece Rooms for a performance last winter with Nacre, a dance company based in Albany, NY, she learned much more than choreography.
Nacre quality in cultured pearls improves the overall luster.
We stayed in a mobile home at Camping la Cote de Nacre at St Aubin sur Mer, a modern, well maintained campsite on the outskirts of the seaside resort of St Aubin.
NACRE AS is exhibiting at Defendory International 2008, Oct.
More than 100 Turkish artists will showcase their products such as ceramics, old calligraphy, glassworks, marbling, weaving, nacre, wood and silver artistic works", he said.
According to Unilever, "ISPs are commonly found in nacre, where they exist to help organisms to exist in cold climates.
The Christians from the South living in the West come with their deep religiosity and spirituality, often traditional and conservative in nacre.