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a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (trade name Relafen)

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The immunomodulatory effect of Nabumetone on humeral resistance was investigated by haemagglutination assay (HA), Jerne hemolytic plaque formation and mice lethalitytests.
Spherical agglomeration of mefenamic acid and Nabumetone to improve micromeritics and Solubility: A Technical Note.
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NSAID n (%) Celecoxib 16 (2) Ibuprofen 94 (12) Indomethacin 154 (20) Nabumetone 239 (31) Naproxen 264 (34) Salsalate 7 (1) Table 3.
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naprosyn, celecoxib, rofecoxib, nabumetone and piroxicam.
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A eficacia dos diferentes AINEs, sejam COX-2 seletivos (celecoxibe), parcialmente seletivos (meloxican, nabumetone e etodolac) ou classicos (nao seletivos--diclofenaco, naproxeno, ibuprofeno, indometacina, dentre outros), foi semelhante quando a dose de cada medicamento e empregada com mesma extensao.
A literature review has found evidence against the use of the following medications for prevention of migraine: lamotrigine, clomipramine, acebutolol, clonazepam, nabumetone, oxcarbazepine, montelukast, and telmisartan.
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A high performance liquid chromatographic method for simultaneous determination of naproxen, nabumetone and its major metabolite, 6-methoxy-2- naphthylacetic acids, was developed for the application to pharmaceuticals and human urine.
Recent work indicates pain relief comparable to that of the NSAID nabumetone (122).