North Dakota

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A lightweight solution to this would be for authority agencies to mount their thesauri as an SRW/U search service, register it with the UIUC registry, and use ERRoLs to provide an HTML interface and URL access to items in the repository (OCLC, n.
After Joe finished his education, he worked with his father in their Bowesmont lumberyard, then joined him to open another in Pembina, N.
A similar battle was going on across the river in Pembina, N.
Botanicals affect a wide range of health issues that are very relevant to professionals," says Lise Alschuler, N.
Photo: (1) Ron Broussard pushes his car, while his dog stays dry, in flooded Grand Forks, N.
A Web-accessible booklet from the National Institute on Aging entitled Working with Your Older Patient: A Clinician's Handbook also provides excellent coverage of the cultural and social issues of providing services to elders (National Institute on Aging, n.
Paperwork to request installation of the humps, including information and a blank petition, have been sent to N.
It takes your breath away," said Ron Dockter, a principal who called off classes for 440 students in Tioga, N.
The new state-of-the-art $85 million Blue Flint Ethanol plant is under construction on land adjacent to Great River Energy's Coal Creek Station near Underwood, N.