n-type semiconductor

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a semiconductor in which electrical conduction is due chiefly to the movement of electrons

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Tin dioxide or indium doped tin dioxide is the most used n-type semiconductor in gas sensing devices because of its capabilities to detect inflammable gases like C[H.
The majority of n-type semiconductor charge carriers are electrons, whereas the p-type is a positive hole.
In addition, the energy gap between the energy level of interface traps and bottom of conductance band of an n-type semiconductor is given by;
and the two possible answers are "Majority carriers in the P- and N-type semiconductors produce a diode's depletion region" and "Minority carriers in the P- and N-type semiconductors produce a diode's depletion region.
The design of most Peltier devices requires the use of both an n-type semiconductor and a p-type semiconductor.
Like diodes, the simple solar cell consists of n-type semiconductor material that contains an excess of electrons and a p-type material which has excess space for electrons or positive 'holes' which can be occupied by electrons.
But that's not all, because joining a p-type semiconductor to an n-type semiconductor offers a way to finely control the flow of electric current, and is the foundation for our digital world.
The electric field "swept" the oxygen vacancies towards the film's top surface, creating an n-type semiconductor in that portion of the film, while the immobile calcium ions created a p-type semiconductor in the bottom portion.