n-type semiconductor

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a semiconductor in which electrical conduction is due chiefly to the movement of electrons

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In addition, the energy gap between the energy level of interface traps and bottom of conductance band of an n-type semiconductor is given by;
Transistors essentially consist a layer of an n-type semiconductor and a layer of a p-type semiconductor, connected to which are three electrodes known as the source, drain, and gate.
The electric field "swept" the oxygen vacancies towards the film's top surface, creating an n-type semiconductor in that portion of the film, while the immobile calcium ions created a p-type semiconductor in the bottom portion.
When the researchers replaced the rod's two end thiophenes with a perfluoroarene group (a ring of six carbons decorated with fluorines), the organic molecule behaved like an n-type semiconductor.
One of the key elements making such progress possible is the recent progress in air-stable, printable, n-type semiconductor materials, which have not been previously available.
In this case, the film is doped with a small amount of phosphorus to turn it into an n-type semiconductor -- one of the two types needed to create a transistor.