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(1968) Isolation, purification and characterization of myosin B from myxomycete plasmodium.
Many myxomycete surveys have dealt almost exclusively with "large", easily detectable, field-collected specimens.
Myxomycetes are common inhabitants of several types of ecosystems, often developing on dead tree trunks and branches, litter and on the barks of living trees, microhabitats explored in almost every study published on the diversity of these microorganisms.
No new records for Ohio were found in the various Athens County myxomycete studies.
Aportacion o catalogo de Myxomycetes de Galicia, IV.
Micologica Madrid 40: 25-35 (Flora, Myxomycetes, And, Esp, Portugal).
According to Boom, Britton and Millspaugh provided coverage of "1,982 species composed of 995 spermatophytes, 33 pteridophytes, 69 bryophytes, 150 fungi, 197 lichens, 519 algae (including diatoms), and 11 myxomycetes".
Myxomycetes associated with palm trees at the Sete Cidades National Park, Piaui, Piaui State, Brazil.
Seasonal population changes of myxomycetes and associated organisms in five non-woodl and soils, and correlations between their numbers and soil characteristics.
Non-Viable Fungi (Spore) Air Sampling Results Spore Identifier Plenum Concentration (Spores/[m.sup.3]) Sample 1 Duplicate Sample algae - - Alternaria - - ascospores 75 225 basidiospores 633 633 Botrytis - - Cercospora - - Cladosporium 83 142 clear brown - - Curvularia - - Curvularia-Xike - - Dechslera/Bipolaris group - - Epicoccum - - Helicosporium / Helicomyces - - hyphal elements 8 - Monochaetia - - Nigrospora - - Oidium - - Penicillium/Aspergillus 150 83 group Peronospora - - smuts, Periconia, - - myxomycetes Torula - - unknown - - Total 949 1083 Table 6.
The plasmodium of the Myxomycetes is so sweet: the eyeless Prorhynchus has the dull color of the born-blind, and its proboscis stuffed with zoochlorellae solicits the oxygen of the Frontoniella antypyretica: he carries his pharynx in a rosette, a locomotive requirement, horned, stupid, and not at all calcareous ...