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a benign tumor of connective tissue containing jellylike material

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Survival characteristics and prognostic variables of dogs with mitral regurgitation attributable to myxomatous valve disease.
Recent study has focused on the biomechanics of the mitral valve, and the possible implications of myxomatous degeneration (20, 42).
Caption: Figure 6: (a, b) Histopathology of mass showing myxomatous cellular proliferations with sparse collagen fibers consistent with myxoma.
For that reason, total excision of myxomatous ovarian tumors together with the adnexal structures was advised.
These findings were consistent with a diagnosis of myxomatous mitral and tricuspid valves disease with a severe hemodynamic compromise.
Tumors of bones of jaw include odontogenic tumors, osteoma, fibroma, fibrosarcoma and myxomatous tumors.
Myxomatous degeneration (connective tissue deterioration) is one of its main characteristics, another being that the leaflet enters the atrium, which in extreme cases, can cause mitral regurgitation.
It may be completely myxomatous tissue or varying proportions of myxomatous and fibrous tissue.
The cause of mitral regurgitation was rheumatic in all patients, with no congenital myxomatous, infective or ischemic cases.
Histological examination of the bioprosthetic valve revealed fibrosis, inflammatory cell infiltration, and myxomatous degeneration.
A 53-year-old male with history of prolapse and discrete myxomatous degeneration of the anterior mitral valve leaflet, mild-to-moderate aortic insufficiency, and midsystolic mitral regurgitation presented fever, nocturnal hyperhidrosis, myalgia, and anorexia during a period of approximately 15 days, without significant weight loss.
Key, "A case of myxomatous tumor arising in the adventitia of the left external artery; case report," Br J Surg, vol.
The center of the neoplasm had undergone extensive necrosis, and the myxomatous matrix was admixed with grey-brown globular material.
H&E staining revealed that myxoma cells dispersed in myxoid matrix within myxomatous areas (Figure 1(a), Supplemental Figure 1 in Supplementary Material available online at 10.1155/2016/2059584).
Myxomatous mitral valve prolapse (MVP) is the most common indication for mitral valve surgery due to severe mitral regurgitation (MR).