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Synonyms for mythicize

interpret as a myth or in terms of mythology


make into a myth

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This whole episode reads like a parody of Harold Bloom's Oedipal model of influence (in Anxiety of influence) according to which the author struggles with his precursor through the stages of "revisionary ratios" -- completing him, breaking with him, mythicizing him, assuming his place.
The characters are themselves responsible for thus mythicizing the geographical journey; each of them embarks on an "imagined journey from periphery to centre" (271).
Kenneth Seib has incisively assessed the three Stuart stories in Airships as "a coherent commentary on the romanticized South and the mythicizing of historical figures like Stuart.
That said, it must be added that there are few magical realists who can lay claim to the sustained and complex weave of storytelling, mythicizing, theatrical asides, and outright theorizing that characterize Thine Is the Kingdom.
Unhitched from text and its context, such an approach assumes increasing levels of abstraction and invites perfectionist mythicizing of the relevant milieus, yielding countermajoritarian difficulties that modern substantive due process jurisprudence has recognized in other contexts.
Close Encounters (all too aptly described by Stanley Kauffmann as an "epiphany") summoned us, in blatantly mythicizing style, to receive the coming of the UFO as the manifestation of a god.
Patrick Wright also comments on the tendency for Englishness to display "this interpretative stress on the senses, on the experience of meanings which are vitally incommunicable and undefinable," and explains it in no uncertain terms, quoting Hermann Glaser, as the "deadening of thought through mythicizing vagueness" (79).
Chapter 4 takes up the genres, ideas, and mythicizing of the drama produced by members of the Hunt circle--minor stuff when the spotlight is on Hunt's The Descent of Liberty, Horace Smith's Amarynthus, and Mary Shelley's Midas and Proserpine but suddenly major when the genres and myths of these productions are brought to bear on Percy Shelley's Prometheus Unbound.
I believe the decision, officially taken some years later, to adopt 'holocaust' as the translation for shoah was motivated not so much by the fact that it had already been used in English in this sense as by a mythicizing interpretation of recent Jewish history, by a vision that exalted above all the acts of self-sacrifice and heroism performed during the extermination.
Yes, at long last, after focusing mainly on the retrieval and mythicizing of the family heritage that she has repeatedly abandoned and temporarily rejoined in Kerala, Meena Alexander now seems definitively committed to dealing with her life as a woman poet of color in America, even if that life is given an academic cast - the reality for almost every contemporary poet in America.
Torn between the condescension of pity, which the perception of "honest maintenance" also forbids, and the dialectic mythicizing of the poem's resolution, the poet finds a figure for his own anxiety in the leech-gatherer's hypothetical resolution and independence.
It is with a note of gratitude that he confidently observes their "joyous" vagrancy, as they enter into a mythicizing past and become part of the structure of consolation.
In this instance, the language-object of the mythicizing metalanguages reconstructed and exposed in Como en la guerra proves to be the very flesh of those who would challenge such metalanguages.
Most deservedly, in his own nation he had received the first award ever given an Indian English poet by the National Literary Academy for the eminently Otissan long meditative poem Relationship (1980), which had been followed by Life Signs (1983) and Burden of Waves and Fruit (1987), not to mention several earlier volumes and the then just completed long poem mythicizing an eighty-year-old suicidal woman's dreadfully difficult life, Temple (1986).