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Synonyms for mythicize

interpret as a myth or in terms of mythology


make into a myth

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Neil Godfrey runs the website Vridar, a repository of articles and debates about Jesus including a "who's who" of mythicists and Jesus agnostics, meaning those who argue that our sources are too poor to answer the question.
McGrath is equally scornful of mythicists and biblical literalists.
Some mythicists suggest that scholarly opposition to mythicism is motivated by faith or unexamined Christian assumptions, but the work of mainstream historical scholars has been more profoundly unsettling to what I once believed about Jesus than anything mythicists have come up with.
James McGrath: I would say that doubt about the historicity of Jesus is not what makes one a mythicist. In the case of ancient history, the appropriate standard is (in my opinion) "more probable than not" rather than "beyond a reasonable doubt." But be that as it may, it's not doubt about the historicity of Jesus but insistence that Jesus is unlikely to have been historical--and that his first devotees thought he was a celestial deity rather than a terrestrial human--that deserves to be called "mythicism." It's important to distinguish that view from the uncertainty mainstream scholars may feel about whether we can discern anything more than a few basic facts through the veil of legend, myth, and dogma that shrouds the origins of Christianity from our view.
These mythicists made the invaluable contribution to biblical scholarship of being among the first to say aloud that the emperor has no clothes.