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Tony, whose band found fame and fortune with Ozzy as their singer in the 70s, said: "Someone suggested a concept album about a mythical monster visiting a Welsh pit village.
This mythical monster has been kind of watered down all this time, and we've tried to bring it back to its roots and embrace that message of nature's beast responding to radioactive pollution," Gareth Edwards, director of the new "Godzilla" movie (http://www.
FEATURES such as Whorlton's ruined church and castle along with Whorl Hill, lair of a mythical monster, add interest to the route between the attractive village settings of Swainby and Faceby.
Trout successfully answers these questions by looking at the mythical monster as predator, animal predators transforming into greater monsters, and the natural sources or forms that help to create the mythical monsters.
Taghreed Najjar has put a mythical monster into the limelight
On the menu is frog blancmange, bone marrow rice pudding and a mythical monster - inspired by one ordered by Henry VIII to impress the king of France.
The contract includes a Department of Homeland Security-sponsored component suitably named "Project Hydra," referencing the many-headed mythical monster that would grow new heads when one was severed.
Shooting was to begin April 21 in the mountain lakeside resort of Queenstown on "The Water Giant," a $17 million family film about a boy who meets a mythical monster.
In mythology, chimera refers to a mythical monster with a lion's body, goat's head, and serpent's tail; scientists use the term to describe an animal or embryo combining the characteristics of more than one species.
Trinca, who last summer likened the corporate interests of chains to a mythical monster, said, "We want to include them in legitimate debate.
A mythical monster, also called griffon, gryphon, and similar names.
The "anarchist Queen" whose name was once enough "to produce a shudder"; the radical who, according to her 1961 biographer, Richard Drinnon, was viewed as "a mythical monster," a "female anti-Christ," "a vampire, ready to kill again, lick up the blood, and batten on the corpse," and "a national enemy"; the women despised by J.
Dwynwen, the mythical monster who was named after Wales's saint of lovers, will then take her babies over to Caernarfon on September 19, for a four-week stint.
It's a safe bet those four Florida men with the flying boat didn't have a dragon painted on it - but mythical monster Smaug is now flying round the world on an Air New Zealand jet (above).
AUG 13-14: Join the Monster Bass Festival in Ramsgate, which celebrates the mythical Monster Bass with a parade and fireworks, street theatre and live music.