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Jan 21-Feb 19 AQUARIUS THIS week you will be surprised to see a supposedly mythical creature, half-man, half-horse, running round the park wearing trainers.
Since many of my projects are "typical" subjects such as flowers, animals, still life and so on, the idea of creating mythical creatures really caused a stir in my room.
From fire-breathing dragons to magical unicorns, mythical creatures have taken center stage in many of Hollywood's biggest hits.
The Gruffalo, a mythical creature invented by author Julia Donaldson and illustrator Axel Scheffler and star of a bestselling book, is to return in a sequel.
Tamara Karsavina created the role of the mythical creature, wearing an exotic costume designed by Leon Bakst.
One has its head up, a 'stargazer,' with a saddle carved like the wings of a mythical creature.
In "The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka," the kids hoodwink the hosts of a public access cable show with a hilariously primitive videotape that supposedly shows a mythical creature.
Using the mythical creature of the Himalayas, the Yeti, as a symbol for the prejudices and assumptions that people prematurely make about each other, this book discusses bringing up children to accept and cherish diversity and helping them to thrive in an increasingly diverse world.
Sphinx: A mythical creature that was part woman, part bird and part lion.
orc A mythical creature (such as a sea monster, giant, or ogre) of horrid form or aspect.
The mythical creature soared into place at the Anglesey attraction as part of its seven-week tour of Wales and will be there until August 24.
Bash killed this darkness, who was not a mythical creature but a human who was sacrificing people to stop the plague, in season one finale to protect Kenna and a young boy called Pascal.
ACTOR Charlie Sheen is on the hunt for an elusive mythical creature who he believes to be roaming the US.
Melbourne, July 29 ( ANI ): Hikers in the Canadian wilderness have videotaped a figure, which they claim could be the mythical creature Bigfoot.
One eight-year-boy became distressed after the mythical creature "put a tooth in his left ear" after he left it under his pillow.