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Synonyms for myth

Synonyms for myth

a traditional story or tale that has no proven factual basis


a body of traditional beliefs and notions accumulated about a particular subject

any fictitious idea accepted as part of an ideology by an uncritical group; a received idea

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a traditional story accepted as history

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Now, the main story of the myth we find in abovementioned Nihon Shoki is that a divine being descended from Heaven to the land and became the ancestor of the emperors who would preside the land.
As Jose Manuel Losada indicates in his introductory chapter, "The Structure of Myth and the Typology of its Crisis", myths are less fragile than they seem, Even if their mythemes--the unchanging motifs that Levi-Strauss("The Structural Study of Myth", 1955) set at their basis--are altered, reversed, largely modified or omitted, their disappearance is not at all common.
Myth number 3, we will lose thousands of jobs if we leave the EU: leaving the EU will prevent employment agencies from advertising British jobs in the rest of the EU but not in Britain.
Originating in the imaginary and addressing the imaginary, the myth is part of ideology, it is the nucleus of ideology, which is defined by Pierre Albouy as a system of representations, being the imaginary representation of the real connections of the individual with society and history [4:353].
Myth that scaling loosens the teeth 33% of the respondents believed this whereas 62% believed that it is not true.
MYTH 3: Six out of 10 people didn't know plastic water bottles are 100% recyclable.
Writing Down the Myths (Cursor Mundi, 17), Turnhout, Brepols, 2013; hardback; pp.
He stresses that myth is not only an effective mode of discourse for those who are not philosophers, who require some other mode of engagement to that offered by dialectic; it is effective for everyone, given the tripartite nature of the human soul.
Myth 3: The only cause of lung cancer is smoking Exposure to second-hand smoke and substances such as asbestos and radon gas will increase the risk.
Myth can enter to legend scope but legend cannot enter to myth realm.
Scheerer was also named Editor in Chief of 'Horrotica' Magazine, as well as Dark Myth Publications.
First on his list was the myth that Viagra is 100 percent effective, regarding which Fulbright wrote that men bearing this notion needed to think again because a desire component is needed for males to become sexually aroused and attain erection.
For Christians the myth of Jesus Christ, God incarnate, crucified, risen, yet still present in his Spirit, has enduring interest.
Myth #1 A Certificate of Insurance Establishes Additional Insured Status.