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a religion based on mystical communion with an ultimate reality

obscure or irrational thought

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Indeed to say the truth, that trait of mind in the philosophic Bon-Bon did begin at length to assume a character of strange intensity and mysticism, and appeared deeply tinctured with the diablerie of his favorite German studies.
The mysticism that was buried deep under all the cynicism of his experience was awake and moving in the depths.
The LCWU Persian Department (Ferdowsi Chair) in collaboration with the Higher Education Commission, Cultural Centre of Islamic Republic of Iran and Muslim Institute arranged the moot titled 'The Role of Mysticism in Establishing Harmony and Peaceful Coexistence'.
The Eagle's View: Five Steps to Modern Mysticism pairs questionnaires and exercises with ideas designed to help readers achieve spiritual wisdom and change through Modern Mysticism.
After graduating from Oxford Imran Khan is completing higher degree of spiritual education from a lady formerly named Bushra Manika now Bushra Riaz and future Bushra Imran from Pakpatan University of Higher Spiritualism and Mysticism.
This study of the development of religious ideas in Safavid Iran reveals developments that led to the shift from Sufism to the concept of AEirfan, a diluted form of mysticism that took the place of Sufism.
In 'Doctor Strange,' magic is magic What makes mysticism 'mysticism' is that it transcends our categories, and our ability to assimilate through knowledge, that which is scientific, factual and which is provable.
Synopsis: In the pages of "Alchemy & Mysticism", author Axlexander Roob and The Hermetic Museum takes readers on a magical mystery tour spanning an arc from the medieval cosmogram and images of Christian mysticism, through the fascinating world of alchemy to the art of the Romantic era.
It has never seized to intrigue this writer that African people, especially traditional healers, can function in their trade both as scientists and as practitioners of mysticism simultaneously without experiencing a sense of conflict or contradiction.
He has been most known for his work in philosophy of mysticism, and books like Mysticism and Philosophy (1960) and Teachings of the Mystics (1960).
Dee had a serious interest in medieval mysticism, but he stayed away from the doctrinal and theological debates of the Reformation and Counter-Reformation.
During this period, scholars of history, religion, literature, psychoanalysis, and sociology explored and critiqued mysticism and its capacity to make the individual feel at peace and whole in its transcendence of the ego.
Mysticism and Spirituality, Part I, Mysticism, Fullness of Life.
In Chapter Two Lazenby contends that the topic of mysticism and Woolf has not been given sufficient critical attention and argues this is because both Woolf's contemporaries and later critics adopted a definition of the mystical that is partial or incorrect.
After the spate of studies from the 1970s to the 1990s, the well of Borges and Jewish mysticism seems to have run dry.