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surgical incision into the eardrum (to relieve pressure or release pus from the middle ear)

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[3] 2013 Abscess drainage, myringotomy, cortical mastoidectomy, IV antibiotherapy Scrafton et al.
Group 2 underwent myringotomy and grommet insertion and Group 3 underwent myringotomy and grommet insertion along with adenoidectomy or adenotonsillectomy.
Effects of ciprofloxacin dexamethasone on myringotomy wound healing.
Myringotomy under general anesthesia was performed, and suppurative content is released from middle ear cavity.
At her scheduled clinic visit in follow-up for her bilateral myringotomy with tympanostomy tube insertion the patient's right ear was clear and dry, however there continued to be persistent drainage from the left ear, which was again aspirated and submitted for routine bacterial and fungal cultures.
Also to verify the length of time tubes have remained in the eardrum and analyze the test results of auditory processing after myringotomy surgery, considering the right ear (RE) and left ear (LE).
Myringotomy with and without tympanostomy tubes for chronic otitis media with effusion.
As a Perioperative Nurse at a private surgical hospital, it became apparent to me that although opioids, Fentanyl in particular, were positively associated with decreasing pain and emergence delirium in children undergoing myringotomy (with or without grommet insertion), Fentanyl was also associated with increased incidence of postoperative nausea and vomiting (PONV) in these children.
In all cases, a myringotomy operation (with placement of a ventilation tube) was carried out.
Adenoidectomy with laser or incisional myringotomy for otitis media with effusion.
Operative notes and charts were reviewed for data regarding the patients' age, gender, diagnosis, type of operation, need for myringotomy tubes, subsequent complications, length of follow-up, need for secondary procedures, and presence of genetic syndromes.
In the absence of CC, Luc's abscess can be easily treated by limited surgical procedures either by pus drainage through an incision in the superior part of the external auditory meatus or through retroauricular incision combined with myringotomy and grommet insertion [7, 8].
In the case of patients on a ventilator or for any unconscious patient, a myringotomy is frequently performed.