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abnormally long muscular contractions

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By summarizing the reported literatures of SCN4A -related myotonia and accompany symptoms of scoliosis and peripheral contractures, we have a new understanding to the genotype-phenotype correlations of SCN4A .
1: ADR disfagico, 2: and absence of disfagico, 3: not dysphagia; 2: ADR with symptoms of CNS and presence of involvement, 4: dysphagia showing congenital requiring VA and myotonia for the 3: PAIR and study of the effects presence of of myotonia.
The patient was a 59-year man suffering from congenital myotonia (patient MI-2).
However, the electrical activity often lacks the waxing and waning quality of true electrical myotonia and might be better described as complex, repetitive discharges.
Myotonia is a burst of excess electrical signals in the cell membrane, and is related to defects in voltage-gated sodium ion channels.
On motor examination, she had normal strength, tone and bulk of muscles and there was no grip myotonia or fatigability.
Colchicine use is associated with a variety of neuromuscular complications, including generalized myopathy, painful neuromyopathy, rhabdomyolysis, and, rarely, clinical and electrophysiologic myotonia.
The peculiar "Tennessee Wooden Leg" suffers from "hereditary myotonia," a condition that incites its muscles to stiffen when frightened; this can cause the goat to fall over, and is why this bread is sometimes referred to as the "fainting goat.
The drug inhibits the vicious cycle of myotonia by decreasing pain, ischemia and hypertonia in skeletal muscles, thus alleviating stiffness and spasticity, and facilitating muscle movements (5-7).
CBS domains in CIC chloride channels implicated in myotonia and nephrolithiasis (kidney stones).
The patient exhibited no signs of myotonia or systemic bony abnormalities.