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sarcoma of muscle tissue

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Myosarcoma of the stomach: natural history, prognostic factors and management.
Tumores Mesenquimales: Tumor de celulas de Mastocitoma 11 Mast Fibrosarcoma 1 Hemangiopericitoma 2 Tumores celulas en huso Myosarcoma 1 Tumor histiocitico Histiocytoma fibroso maligno 3 SUB-TOTAL 18 TOTAL 56 Tabla 2.
7) Leio myosarcoma may have an appearance similar to a degenerated leiomyoma, but, fortunately, leiomyosarcoma is rare.
These included cancers of the ovary, adrenal gland, breast and stomach, spindle cell sarcoma, myosarcoma and leukaemia.
There were 31% (n = 5) of participants who had acute myeloid leukemia, 19% (n = 3) gastric carcinoma, 13% (n = 2) multiple myeloma, 6% (n = 1) acute lymphoblastic leukemia, 6% (n = 1) chronic lymphocytic leukemia and the remaining 25% (n = 4) had either oesophageal carcinoma, breast carcinoma, lymphoma or myosarcoma.