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localized death of muscle cell fibers

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The skeletal muscle histopathologic hallmarks of DMD are muscle fiber atrophy and hypertrophy, myonecrosis, and regeneration with progressively more severe endomysial fibrosis and fatty replacement leading to a gradual decline in muscle function.
Usually statins are well tolerated and less than 0.5% of the patients' associated clinically significant myonecrosis are manifested by weakness and elevated CPK levels.
Clostridium soft tissue infections are seen in wound contamination, anaerobic cellulitis, myonecrosis, and necrotizing fasciitis [2].
Moreover, cardiovascular biomarkers are useful for the diagnosis and management of the patients; we found in ACS patients that CK and troponine I values were over the reference value, and it is already known that their elevated levels are associated with cardiac injury and myonecrosis [28].
Dermonecrosis, myonecrosis, and local infection can cause disabling sequels [3, 4].
The cytotoxic mechanisms of 3FTXs, PLA2s, and SVMPs mainly involve the disruption of microvascular basement membranes [35] as well as endothelial cell membranes to result in the observed haemorrhage, oedema, and myonecrosis (resulting from disruption of plasma membranes of skeletal muscle cells) [32].
Type III NSTIs are the least common type and are typified by Clostridium species, which cause rapidly progressive myonecrosis. Finally some necrotizing infections do not fall within the normal classification system, such as the waterborne agent-related NSTIs (Aeromonas hydrophila and Vibrio vulnificus) and invasive rhinocerebral fungal infections [5-7].
Diabetic myonecrosis, also known as diabetic muscle infarction, causes spontaneous ischemic necrosis of skeletal muscle most commonly in the thigh or calf.
Postmortem findings in all pelicans included extensive subacute myonecrosis, enteritis, and nonsuppurative hepatitis.
Significance of periprocedural myonecrosis on outcomes after percutaneous coronary intervention: an analysis of preintervention and postintervention troponin T levels in 5487 patients.
Diffuse myopericarditis has well variable presentation and EKG changes, reflecting the degree of myonecrosis. Certain changes on EKG are associated with myocarditis rather than pure pericarditis, such as ST segment elevations and occurrence of arrhythmias as was evident in our patient [4].