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localized death of muscle cell fibers

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Key words: Clostridium sordellii, Clostridium perfringens, avian clostridiosis, myonecrosis, enteritis, cytotoxins, avian, brown pelican, Pelecanus occidentalis
Fasciotomy worsens the amount of myonecrosis in a porcine model of crotaline envenomation.
Laboratory diagnosis of clostridial myonecrosis is commonly based on a fluorescent antibody test (FAT) or isolation of the etiological agent.
Warm Ischemia of striated muscles >4-6 hours leads to myonecrosis and major amputations14,15.
Intriguingly, KMP treatment improved myonecrosis, preserved myocardial architecture, and exhibited a low histological injury score (Table 2).
Andrews, "Simvastatin-induced bilateral leg compartment syndrome and myonecrosis associated with hypothyroidism," Postgraduate Medical Journal, vol.
Diabetic myonecrosis is a unique condition seen only in people with diabetes.
1994) Initiation of satellite cell replication in bupivacaine-induced myonecrosis.
Comparative study on the ability of IgG and Fab sheep antivenoms to neutralize local hemorrhage, edema and myonecrosis induced by Bothrops asper (terciopelo) snake venom.
Diabetic myonecrosis, an overlooked complication of longstanding diabetes mellitus, was first described by Angerwall and Stener in 1965.
The electromyogram was an abnormal study and demonstrated electrophysiological evidence of a proximal and distal myopathy, as well as fibrillation potentials suggestive of myonecrosis, fiber splitting, and vacuolization consistent with inclusion body myositis.
Molecular characterization of infectious myonecrosis virus (IMNV) isolated from the shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei farmed in Ceara State, Brazil
1-4 Its seriousness is due to both celerity of turning into necrotizing cellulitis and myonecrosis with associated risk factors like deficient immune function diabetes alcoholism etc.
This case report and literature review highlights the increasing incidence, high morbidity and mortality, and features suggestive of nontraumatic myonecrosis as a result of C septicum infection and a potential association with long-term PPI use.
Therefore, type A exhibits several powerful toxicities, and infection with type A may result in myonecrosis, hemolysis, an increase in vascular permeability and platelet aggregation [25;14].