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7) In a prospective study of 81 symptomatic patients, using a gold standard of surgical pathology, SHG demonstrated more discriminating positive and negative likelihood ratios (LR+, LR-) for detecting myomata than did TVS or hysteroscopy.
For example, code 58140, which was previously for "myomectomy, excision of myomata of uterus, single or multiple," has been revised to read "myomectomy, excision of fibroid tumor(s) of the uterus, one to four intramural myoma(s), with a total weight of 250 g or less and/or removal of surface myomas; abdominal approach.
A successful laparoscopic myomectomy begins with the correct assessment of the size, number, and location of the myomata inside the uterus.
And gynecologists have successfully used HJFU to treat uterine myomata in nude mice, he said.