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the middle muscular layer of the heart wall

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The CMS claims that since it made 30-day mortality data for acute myocardia infarction (AMI) available in the summer of 2007, mortality has improved nationally, from 16.3% in 2007 to 16.1% in 2008.
Part 1: Phosphorylation of Survival Kinases in the Myocardia after Preconditioned Plasma Transfusion prior to Ischemia
Western blots were performed on myocardia from the border and central areas.
However, as we performed Western blotting to detect the survival kinase of the border area myocardia using a different membrane from that containing the central area myocardia, we were unable to directly compare the phosphorylation of survival kinases between the two areas of myocardia.
"We found that TLR4 was up-regulated in the myocardia of diabetic mice.