myelinated nerve fiber

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a nerve fiber encased in a sheath of myelin

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1.5-h postketamine injection, a significant degeneration was observed in the spinal nerve roots, myelinated nerve fibers, lamellae, axoplasm, Schwann cell cytoplasm, and nucleus, in some regions, condensation was observed in the axoplasm.
A myelinated nerve fiber is like an electrical wire where myelin is the outer insulation and axon is the inner core.
As opposed to all other nationalities, 9.9% of Yemeni patients were found to have persistent myelinated nerve fibers.
This was in agreement with a previous study that showed different vulnerabilities between the unmyelinated and myelinated nerve fibers [23, 24].
(2009) Multiple functions of the paranodal junction of myelinated nerve fibers. J.
Humans have high amounts of myelinated nerve fibers relative to the size of our brains, said lead author Stephen Fancy, PhD, DVM, an assistant professor of pediatrics and neurology in UCSFs School of Medicine.
Giacobini-Robecchi, "Methodological issues in size estimation of myelinated nerve fibers in peripheral nerves," Anatomy and Embryology, vol.
PHN is thought to be due to the destruction of the larger myelinated nerve fibers which are responsible for carrying inhibitory impulses, leaving out the smaller myelinated and unmyelinated fibers which are responsible for carrying nociceptive stimuli through the dorsal horn of spinal cord and hence pain is perceived.
From our observations the myelinated nerve fibers from the D-gal-treated mice exhibited dilatation with irregular morphology and the myelin lamellae were loosened with obvious splitting.
The regeneration of myelinated nerve fibers depends on interactions between Schwann cells and axons [38].
It is known that NCV determines the function of large myelinated nerve fibers, but it is not sensitive enough to assess small nerve fibers and unmyelinated nerve fiber injuries.
The distinct impact of chronic stress on mast cells from glabrous and hairy skin may be explained by the different pattern of innervation [44-46] regarding both the myelinated nerve fibers [47] and the unmyelinated nociceptive nerve fibers [48].