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the posterior part of the hindbrain in developing vertebrates

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As shown in Figure 4, the highest expression was found in the hypothalamus, eye and myelencephalon. The lowest expression of npy mRNA was observed in the liver, heart, gill, pituitary and hindgut.
The secondary vesicles arise from the primary vesicles: the prosencephalon divides into the telencephalon anteriorly and the diencephalon posteriorly; the rhombencephalon divides into the anterior metencephalon and the posterior myelencephalon. The mesencephalon remains a single vesicle and retains the name mesencephalon (Figure 3).
Also, the rhombencephalon forms two dilatations as the region caudal to the pontine flexure differentiate into myelencephalon while that rostral to the flexure becomes the metencephalon (Fig.
Terminologia Anatomica (and also new Terminologia Neuroanatomica) gives three options for the lower part of the brainstem: myelencephalon, medulla oblongata and bulbus which makes for easier understanding of other anatomical terms such as sulcus bulbopontinus or tractus bulboreticulospinalis, as well as clinical terms, e.g.
This is the case of Myelencephalon (A14.1.03.003), a term that in the eleventh grade program appears under the name of Bulb, the third of 3 possible alternatives to the same structure present in the official listing of the FIPAT (possible terms are in order): Myelencephalon, medulla oblongata and bulb.