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the vegetative part of a fungus consisting of a mass of branching threadlike hyphae

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1% solutions of all these carbohydrates were used in a basal medium and all plates were incubated at 18AdegC for one week (7 days) for mycelial growth and 14 days for perithecial growth.
Conidia production was quantified from a 1 cm-diameter mycelial disk, from the center of each plate, in a 1 mL suspension in sterile distilled water, using a Neubauer counting chamber.
However, the mycelial growth was significantly inhibited by CPT at different concentrations.
In this context, BARRERA-NECHA et al (2008) verified that eucalyptus oil could not inhibit the mycelial growth of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides in various concentrations.
The resulted suspension has been transferred to sterilized baker through two layers of sterilized cheese cloth to get rid of mycelial fragments.
The leaf extract of tough lovegrass significantly inhibited the mycelial growth of the phytopathogen Dreschlera tritici-repentis after the second day of culture (Figure 1, Table 2).
2) to determine the appropriate physical conditions such as pH level, aeration, illumination and temperature for mycelial growth of Pleurotus.
Various levels of cytokine were tested to the stabilized round-fluffy mycelial development required for better dopa- dopamine activity.
The distinguishing features of this fungus are its small size, the green staining which develops on bruising or with age, and the white mycelial mat with the associated white rhizomorphs.
I suggest that folks with a troublesome tree stump call upon their mycelial friends.
Different inoculum sizes in the form of spore suspension material markedly effect the production of ergot alkaloids and mycelial production in the fermentation medium.