mutually exclusive

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unable to be both true at the same time

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The IRS field personnel maintained that the taxpayer intended to enter into one restructuring transaction; thus, all of the transactions considered were mutually exclusive and the associated costs should be capitalized under Sec.
Yet Yoder and Boyarin, without surrendering their particular identities, can each say (or at least imply) that Jesus per se need not be the agent that puts Judaism and Christianity in mutually exclusive camps, and they arrive at that realization without stooping to a fuzzy ecumenism of mutual tolerance that either ignores differences or declares them unimportant.
These 3 routes are not mutually exclusive and, as noted above, may be difficult to disentangle in natural infections.
I reminded him in no uncertain terms that "butch" and "attractive" are not mutually exclusive in my world, but it got me thinking about the butch/ femme thing and the different meanings people assign to those words.
The Midland soldier proved once and for all that such qualities are not mutually exclusive.
Flexibility and discipline are not mutually exclusive objectives.
That might seem a rather neat solution to some in Westminster, but the two things need not be mutually exclusive.
There are a lot of heavy bands that don't play up their pop sensibilities at all, and maybe because most of them don't have any, but I don't think they're mutually exclusive. I think you can have some pop elements in heavy music and I thought Phil would do a really good job of bringing that out.
Instead, Birmingham proves that rock solid investments and good returns are not mutually exclusive.
They are not mutually exclusive and will each bring economic benefits."
Primary sampling units: Comprehensive, mutually exclusive categories (often geographic areas, such as metropolitan statistical areas or counties) containing all persons or units of interest, usually identified in the first stage of a multistage sampling design.
Maximizing student success and meeting accountability requirements are not mutually exclusive. With the latest technology-based learning solutions--such as Waterford[TM], SuccessMaker[R], KnowledgeBox[R] and NovaNET[R]--you can do both.
That populism and elitism are not mutually exclusive was demonstrated in an exemplary manner by Fortuyn, who was not only openly gay but also insanely posh, a member of the privileged class.
In my view these matters are not mutually exclusive.
As both a hunter and someone who considers himself an environmentalist, I think Moss misses the mark entirely by saying the categories are mutually exclusive. Hunters and environmentalists both "need" undeveloped or wild land.
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