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the relation between two different species of organisms that are interdependent

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Optimal defence theory predicts investment in extrafloral nectar resources in an ant-plant mutualism.
For instance, native ant populations are significantly suppressed, and mutualism with aphids is almost monopolized by S.
Making the case that the Welsh cooperative tradition was expressed in the medieval era through "Welsh farmers helping each other out," he adds: "The reality of our mutualism can still be seen today in the fact that 12% of the landmass of Wales is common land whereas just 3% of the landmass of England is common land.
This mutualism may be important in Banc d'Arguin but has yet to be demonstrated as a more general phenomenon, says marine ecologist Carlos Duarte of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia.
Since the eurocrisis, Taylor explains, "reforms to reinforce economic governance and mutualism risk have stalled" Germans prefer enforced fiscal discipline while the French favor a common budget and taxation schedule, with more joint borrowing and entitlement programs, but without EU oversight.
The three medical revolutions saw mutualism grow from a minor footnote to a major chapter in Cuban health care.
Mutual Approaches Mutualism offers much to our inner cities.
A growing body of research is showing that mutualism complements competition and is utterly fundamental to life on earth (Margulis, Symbiotic Planet).
It's study in mutualism and a lesson in blending, styling to lesser singers.
We're shifting from a model of altruism--giving for the sake of doing good--to a model of mutualism, giving that benefits everyone involved.
Moreover, trade union mutualism was necessarily built on strict discipline, sometimes tempered by traditions of internal democracy, sometimes not.
And some of the recent events it has organised, on subjects ranging from economic development to energy issues to mutualism in Wales, have already generated considerable debate.
the general lack of understanding and knowledge of mutualism, considered the greatest and most fundamental obstacle.