mutual understanding

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sympathy of each person for the other

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The mutual understanding between both the nations has proved to be a victory for India.
The agreement is expected to boost the mutual understanding and economic prosperity of both sides.
It's possible that some sort of contract or memorandum on mutual understanding needs to be signed" the ambassador added.
The UN also recalls with appreciation various global, regional and sub-regional initiatives on mutual understanding and interfaith harmony, including the Tripartite Forum on Interfaith Cooperation for Peace, and the initiative "A Common Word.
The meeting has increased mutual understanding among parties concerned and (this) is helpful," Hong said on Wednesday.
During a dinner with Rodman and his delegation, Kim "expressed his expectation that such sports exchange would be activated, contributing to promoting mutual understanding between the peoples of the two countries," the Korean Central News Agency said.
Expressing that he has done his best to foster dialogue, cooperation and mutual understanding in the Balkan region as a whole and to a certain extent in the world Bosnian President said "I am especially proud to receive the first honorary doctorate that is given by the Suleyman E[currency]ah University.
This year's Abu Dhabi Festival is themed EoACAyConnecting Cultures', which recognises the role artistic expression plays in building partnerships of mutual understanding between people from diverse cultures and traditions.
In its "mission statement;' the CJCML says it is "dedicated to building bridges of mutual understanding and profound respect among Jews, Catholics and Muslims2 That, to say the least, is a challenging undertaking.
For his part, Al-Roumi affirmed that the gathering was intended to cement bridges of interaction and communications between the State of Kuwait and Santa Fe for enhancing mutual understanding for service of common interests between the two friendly countries.
Both of them expressed satisfaction with the good bilateral relations, based on friendship and mutual understanding and agreed that there was room for further bolstering of the economic cooperation.
However, the Government and president of SCC Vesna Janevska said that they would find mutual understanding on solving this problem.
THE importance of dialogue and mutual understanding took centre stage at a two-day youth conference that opened last night.
In recommendations of this meeting, organised by the African Union Commission on "shared values," and pending the next African Summit, participants reiterated their commitment to the values of peace, solidarity, mutual understanding, tolerance and respect of human rights and liberties.
Summary: Rabat - A visiting Mauritanian delegation, representing three political parties, on Wednesday described Morocco's autonomy proposal as "serious", highlighting the importance of dialogue and mutual understanding to find a solution to this conflict that hinders the Maghreb integration.