mutual fund

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Synonyms for mutual fund

the pooled money that is invested in assets

a regulated investment company with a pool of assets that regularly sells and redeems its shares

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But also puzzling some investors is whether they should invest in an ETF if they already own a similar index-tracking mutual fund.
The recent mutual fund trading scandals, however, have changed that perception.
When choosing mutual fund investments, investors must consider the fund's tax efficiency ha view of their particular tax situation.
The scandal has spread like a virus across the $7 trillion mutual fund industry, with many of the big mutual fund companies coming under scrutiny.
Many mutual fund prospectuses contain specific references to market timing, state that the fund's policy is to discourage the practice, and explain how it intends to implement that policy.
On October 30, the House Financial Services Capital Markets Subcommittee held a hearing to discuss market structure issues and, more particularly, mutual fund abuses.
The potential danger is that the unrealized appreciation from years prior to purchase of the mutual fund could become your client's income tax burden.
Twenty-eight million mutual fund accounts had been opened by 1984, and that number was rising every year.
The chief concern is that depositors may not understand that the mutual fund investments they buy from a depository institution are not deposits and are not covered by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insurance.
He calculated the damage to the average investor's mutual fund account to be "a small fraction of 1%.
A well-diversified portfolio will have a mix of investment choices, such as large cap mutual funds, growth mutual funds, small cap mutual funds, international mutual funds, and bond funds so that you can lower overall market risk.
Assuming there were no other capital gains or losses recognized during the year and this $200,000 is distributed to the mutual fund shareholders when the individual still owns one-tenth-of-one-percent interest, he would have to recognize a $200 capital gain on his investment, even if the value of the interest in the fund plus the distribution he receives results in no actual gain.
chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, said in a speech to a mutual fund industry group.
There are hundreds of such companies -- far more than needed for even a large mutual fund to maintain a diverse portfolio.
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