mutual exclusiveness

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the relation between propositions that cannot both be true at the same time

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It also cautions against disregard for cultural and religious identities, which leads "to mutual exclusiveness and antagonism."
Opposites are sealed in alliances that are not subject to accusations of mutual exclusiveness. Thus, for example, fashion photographs of the 1990s reflect racial fantasies that "are at once rigidly hierarchical and internally in flux" (p.
When one divides a phenomenon into categories for investigation, the categories should meet the test of comprehensiveness and mutual exclusiveness. That is, taken together they should cover the field with little overlap.
This notion lies at the root of much mutual exclusiveness. Ott shows that the notion of "finality" cannot be understood theologically in chronological terms, for God's creative action is in the "eternal now" rather than in human, historical time.
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