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the condition of being unable or unwilling to speak

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Emma, who also runs a sup port group for parents of children with additional needs, said: "His mutism is a daily thing.
Figure Severity of impairment in goal-directed activity in disorders of diminished motivation LEAST Apathy * Noticeable lack of motivation that varies from baseline * Reduced goal-directed behaviors or cognition Abulia * More apparent decrease in spontaneous, purposeful movement * Less severe impairment than akinetic mutism GREATEST Akinetic mutism Akinetic = no movement Mutism = no speech * Patient is alert with visual tracking intact but appears immobilized due to motivational deficit Source: References 1-3
Readers will find satisfaction in their love not being a magic cure-all for Steffi's selective mutism.
The Selective Mutism Anxiety & Related Disorders Treatment Center (SMart Center) specializes in research and treatment of selective mutism and other social communication disorders.
Schum, an experienced clinician in communication disorders, provides many ideas for helping children with selective mutism, within the context of understanding selective mutism as a symptom of social anxiety disorder.
Rather than serving a menu to the reader, "Finding Voice: Treating Selective Mutism and Social Anxiety" teaches how to create different menus, based on the tastes of the children and their parents.
I was surprised we had a college student with selective mutism.
Akinetic mutism is a clinical status from the bilateral lesion of nucleus caudatus or anterior cingulate gyrus.
Rivers, and his inquiry into the causes of soldiers' mutism, I here explore the relationship between silence and violence as it is negotiated through literary depictions of torture and torture-like acts--including medical interventions and domestic violence--during wartime.
He's got selective mutism, an anxiety disorder that prevents children speaking in certain situations, such as school lessons or in public.
The most important complications of corpus callosum transection are mutism, the disconnection syndrome and hemiparesis (35).
The Shining Stars group - who have members with conditions including autism, Down's syndrome, mutism, cerebral palsy, dyslexia and deafness - meet once a week.
Summary: Selective mutism is misunderstood -- and on the rise
Results: The commonest type of presentation of dissociative disorders was mutism (40.