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the condition of being unable or unwilling to speak

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There is no single cause, although emotional, psychological, genetic and social factors are believed to influence the development of selective mutism.
Those affected by selective mutism are able to talk freely in familiar surroundings but remain silent in others, exhibiting a blank expression or appearing "frozen" when expected to speak.
We believe that this event is the first of its kind and most likely, the largest gathering of children/families affected by Selective Mutism in the world
Evidently, collective mutism is not restricted to the Russian culture alone.
Those few words came as a huge shock to his mum, as Lorcan has selective mutism, an anxiety disorder that makes it difficult for him to communicate.
Throughout World War I poetry, there are innumerable images of deaf and blind soldiers, so perhaps that prevalence, alongside the physical bullets, shells, and bombs, stems from mental trauma; likewise, this affliction is another source of ineffability, either in the form of a speech impediment or outright mutism.
Selective mutism (SM) is characterized as a consistent fail-sure to speak in specific social situations in which the use of speech is expected (Krysanski, 2003).
The Selective Mutism Treatment Guide: Manuals for Parents, Teachers, and Therapists" is a guide for helping children with the disorder of Selective Mutism where a child who is capable of speech and understands language cannot bring themselves to speak in some situations.
Transient mutism and pathologic laughter in the course of cerebellitis.
The second section of the book describes CBT interventions with 15 specific disorders, such as anxiety, depression, selective mutism, eating disorders, aggression, and chronic health conditions.
At the same time, the relationship between Miss Amelia and the hunchback who claims kinship with her (and whom she addresses as Cousin Lymon), being one of love, resembles that between Singer and the deaf-mute Antonopoulos in McCullers' debut novel The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (1940): it is as if, by an immanent thematic logic, mutism and physical deformity are translatable into one another across the novels, and within the imagination in general; as if they could be superimposed upon one another to yield Persona, which places on its surface the signifiers of speechlessness and deformity, as the splitting of Alma's face into a lopsided composite in which neither Liv Ullman nor Bibi Andersson recognized herself destroys Alma's capacity for articulate speech, in a sense muting her too.
so let's reduce your mutism to a few integers: 311,575 people in
Selective mutism is a childhood disorder that most school psychologists and educational providers will come across at least once in their careers.
Posterior fossa syndrome is characterized by transient mutism, emotional lability, cognitive deficits, weakness, ataxia, and cranial nerve dysfunction.