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any of various plants of the genus Mutisia

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The Artemisia exine type resembles the Mutisia exine type, but the grains of Anthemideae are small and spheroidal with a thin exine, whereas those of Mutisioideae (excluding the tribe Nassauvieae) are usually large and elliptic with a thick exine.
The genera of the Gochnatia complex in general share the Mutisia exine type, supporting their placement in Mutisioideae, tribe Mutisieae.
The pollen of Macroclinidium has a particular exine type, and some species of Ainsliaea have tricolpate pollen, which is unusual in Asteraceae with the Mutisia or the Ainsliaea exine type (Telleria et al.
But the Mutisia exine type of the pollen of Hecastocleis, together with its smooth style branches (Fig.
79c) and the Mutisia exine type of their pollen grains would suggest a link with the tribe Mutisieae of Mutisioideae.
The ligulate corolla of Catamixis results unusual for Mutisioideae, where there is a predominance of bilabiate corollas (although some species of Mutisia have also ligulate florets).
Pollen spheroidal--subprolate to prolate, size medium to large, tricolporate, with endocingulus, exine Mutisia type, microechinate.
Pollen subprolate to prolate, medium to large size, tricolporate, exine Mutisia type, microechinate.
Exine Mutisia type, echinate, 8-11 [micro]m thick, spines of 2-2.
Pollen spheroidal to subprolate, elliptic to spheroidal in equatorial view, circular in polar view, medium to large size, tricolporate, exine Mutisia type, microechinate.
Mutisia arequipensis Cabrera, Opera Lilloana 13: 171.
Mutisia hieronymii Sodiro ex Cabrera, Notas Prelim.
Mutisia microcephala Sodiro ex Cabrera, Notas Prelim.
Exine Mutisia type, scabrate, 6-8 [micro]m, ectosexine slightly columellate, thick internal tectum.
A new species of Mutisia (Compositae-Mutisieae) from Ecuador.